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altOccasionally we see excellent spiritual and empowerment teachers go through really challenging times. It could be a bad physical condition, a serious accident, nasty litigation, a conflict-filled divorce, a problematic relative or friend, addictions and other things.

Presently I myself am dealing with several of the above.

So why on earth would you use my tools to improve your life if I am still manifesting hardship?

I use my tools because they are designed to empower us in a conflict-ridden, low frequency environment. An environment that has people who will attack you either because they are of a low frequency Source, or because they have open doors to negativity. A human created environment that does not support your physical body, your mental body, your emotional body, your energy body or your egoic body.

They are tools that help you get out of wrong programs, assist you in getting informed and streetsmart, and also support you through really rough times in your life. They also help you to discern negative from positive choices and people, so that your life improves and gets more supportive, happier, healthier and better as time goes by.

Yesterday morning I was looking at negative situations in my own life right now and how on some days my emotional body and mental body are exhausted, fall into extreme sadness and despair, and the conflict keeps on coming.

There was a question that came into my mind, how come these things happen even though I use all the tools I have brought forth. The answer to this question was already clear in my mind, but it was being presented to me because there were other people wondering about it. The thought went, "if Inelia, with all her insights and tools, is having a hard time with other people and physical situations, then maybe her tools don'™t work."

And this is something that I used to believe myself as a kid. When I would see gifted men and women, the type of men and women who are teachers, guides, healers and leaders, go through a nasty divorce, or get seriously sick, I would think, "€œgosh, they can'€™t be that good at their stuff, look at how sick and miserable they are, they are going through a divorce, they couldn't even keep their marriage together."

My mother, after commenting the above to her about one of her healer friends, told me that it was because her friend dedicated all her time to serve others. That she had sacrificed her life for others and therefore her marriage and health had failed. My mother identified very much with the martyr energy, and had read the situation as heroic and good.

I looked at her friend'€™s timeline and I saw that in fact she had married an incompatible person that didn't support her to the same degree she supported him. He was asleep and unaware. And her health had failed when the stress of the situation had been too much for her.

Many times I have mentioned that my physical body is my achilles heel. I was born with a faulty heart (which I healed at age 18), a faulty liver, asthma and at 18 I had a very serious motorbike accident which left me with neurological damage, chronic pain in my arms and back (the back pain was healed by a chiropractor 6 years ago). Growing up and through my first marriage there was also extreme physical and psychological violence, and in my second marriage even though I was happy that I was married, the marriage itself was an unhappy one.

When I have mentioned these things in the past, people will validate all these things by saying that this hard and painful life is what made me compassionate and aware. Well, that's an extreme error. I came in, just like you, compassionate and aware. What all these things did in my life was to disable me and make me less empowered and capable. They made me afraid to show myself, or express my true self because the result would be that I'd be attacked.

These things happened because I did not have the tools and information to function within a reality that had beings with low frequency agendas and I was in a war zone where the inflicting of pain, fear and suffering was acceptable. For most of my life I made un-informed and wrong choices based on my ignorance on how this planet and this war functions, which always came back to bite me. Any and all wrong choices, even if made through being too innocent to know better, will be used to disable us.

What is a wrong choice?

Like I mentioned above, at the moment close relatives are going through extremely serious physical incidents and I myself am going through an unfriendly legal battle and my health is still compromised.

So why on earth would you use my tools to improve your life?

I use my tools because they are designed to empower us in a conflict-ridden, low frequency environment. An environment that has people who will attack you either because they are of a low frequency Source, or because they have open doors to negativity.

My tools, course and MP3s are designed to inform you, empower you, and give you a much better chance of having the ability to make good choices for your life and to not just survive the bad times, but continue to flourish and grow regardless of them.

As I go through this time of crisis, I use my tools and they give me the strength, wisdom, and ability to heal my emotional and mental bodies enough to continue on without being sucked into the low frequency drama, war and suffering. Yes, it does hurt to be in the middle of conflict and pain, but the hurt does not convert to suffering, fear and despair.

So why would you use my tools of empowerment?

Before I knuckled down and brought in the tools, I was disabled. The conflict, attacks, bad situations, negative and drama filled people, accidents and bad health made me weak and unable to fulfil my highest potential. I was still able to function, albeit in a very limited way.

When I was asked to go public, the ascension101 course came in to start me on my way to health and become strong enough not just to survive what lay ahead but to also create a better and much more supportive life for myself and my loved ones.

Then more tools and courses came in. These tools have allowed me to step into my power, express my true self without fear, they have allowed me to touch the lives of millions of people around the planet in a positive way, and flourish myself. They have allowed me to start making good and informed choices. And allowed me to bridge through extremely difficult times in a healthy and positive way.

Everyone on the planet has a story. Most people have a story they use to validate their actions. Some think that their pain and suffering made them good and compassionate, at the same time, these compassionate and good people will validate the pain and suffering their relatives or friends inflict on them and others by saying that those hurtful actions come as a result of the other person having gone through abuse or other suffering and pain when they were children.

So which is it?

It is neither.

Our stories do not need to define us or make us better or worse. Education on how this planet functions, and the tools to empower us and knowledge that allows us to make good choices through hardship and negative influence are what allow us to be able to express ourselves fully in this planet. Good tools are what allow us to embody the new paradigm without apology.

I was reading how in Standing Rock, the elders were making sure that all the people that arrived at camp that were hurt, that were in pain and suffering and anger from ancestral, cultural and social injuries, were healed before they took action. The reason was that action taken from a place of injury is not positive or constructive.

Hard times are still here. It is possible that you are facing or will face hardship, crisis and negative drama in your life. It is possible that other people might be trying to step on your rights, abuse you or suck you into drama. You may have had an accident or may have a serious medical condition. If you are still hurt from a life of pain, your capacity to be powerful and flourish regardless of what is happening around you and your capacity to make right and empowered choices are minimal. That is why I agreed to become public. I did it because my drive was to help you in healing and making choices from an expanded awareness viewpoint. Choices that support you and your loved ones without the pain and sacrifice of the martyr and savior. This is how we raise the vibrational frequency of the planet, we do it ourselves, in our lives, by raising our own vibration, and we do that by being informed and choosing a high frequency vibrational experience.

I use my tools because they help me stay out of the field of darkness which tries to pull me in day in and day out. They help me move into the field of high frequency energy that is always present. They help me align myself with people who are mutually supportive, and the tools also educate me in making good choices all around. By making good choices I now have strength and support to not just survive here on Earth, but flourish, enjoy life, be loved and love without pain and have the capacity to express myself fully without fear.

This is something you can do too.