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Shamanshack Front Door

In 2015, Larry and I worked very hard to get property at the Makah Reservation to start a meeting spot, a place where people who are embodying the new paradigm would be able to arrive at, hang out, have courses, meditations, and just BE.

We pushed this decision very, very hard. A year later, we were doing an exercise at Walk With Me Now, which was to “pretend an alternative reality” about an important project or work, or relationship we had or planned on having.


This is the text of the exercise we did in May 2016:


Sometimes we get “stuck” in a project, relationship, situation, location, health issue or other item. We push and push and it doesn’t get anywhere. Or, when we review our life, we find that we haven’t gotten anywhere but are in a place of either compromise or that we settled for because we didn’t have the resources to achieve what we really wanted.

The Shamanshack is where I invite you to empower the shaman within.  It is a physical location, a school, and gallery based on shamanic and mystical teachings where we will hold courses, classes and personal healing and empowerment retreats with myself, Inelia, and other teachers and guides.

This is project still being built. All donations and support are welcome.  For donations, you can use paypal to send the funds directly to me here:

For check donations, send them to Inelia Benz, 11672 Hoko Ozette Rd, Clallam Bay, WA 98326

For time and skill donations, please send us a message using our contact form at the bottom of my Home Page.