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In August and September 2017, we had some amazing retreats at the Shamanshack.

The topics covered, the explorations and the participant connection was out of this world amazing.

After the events were over, I clearly heard a request for us to stay at the Shamanshack and "ground" our energies there. But, we live at Neah Bay, so we went home. Soon, family circumstances meant that we had to move into the Shamanshack for a few weeks. So, although we had not listened to the request, we did in fact had to move in and it was very good to settle the frequency and do some work on the property.

After the family situation was over, Larry and I planned to go home to the Reservation again, but I clearly heard the request to stay there until the 5th of January. We thought about it and decided, no, it was time to go home.

A day we were back at the Reservation, back on our liveaboard, the hot water heater broke down and we had no hot water.

I had to laugh. The thought that if we had listened to the request and had simply stayed at the Shamanshack for the duration of time it wanted us there, nothing would have broken. But we didn't, so now we were forced to go back because, basically, it's the only place we have that did have hot water for us and we could stay at for free.

This time, after the water was fixed, we listened and we stayed until the 5th of January. We didn't need anything else breaking down. We would simply stay because it was a high frequency request.

The reasons why this request was made have become clear as time goes by. The establishing of a grounding energy is vital for the Shamanshack to be able to host individuals who are wanting a high frequency experience, support in brainstorming their high frequency lives, and having a location where they can go that is fully connected between Gaia and the human collective.

The next two months will be spent sorting out objects, rooms and a garden at the Shamanshack.  On the second week of April, we will be ready to host mentoring students and we have penciled in a week long retreat (for 5-8 individuals) in May.

It has been such an amazing experience to be at and settle the energies and Gaia connection in this magnificent and magical place!

We hope you can make it over sometime :)

If you would like more information on becoming a Mentoree, or participating in the May retreat, stay tuned. We will be sending full details on our newsletter. You can register for the newsletter here:

See you at the Shamanshack!